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Scoop Marketplace Grand Opening!


Come celebrate Scoop Marketplace's grand opening on June 15th in Seattle!  Scoop Marketplace is a local, woman-owned, zero-waste grocery store, where shoppers bring their own reusable bags and containers.  Even though Senator Mona Das recently led the way in banning plastic bags in Washington, the bill does not extend to those pesky produce baggies.  Stores like Scoop can help us all change our plastic habits.

According to the EPA, packaging makes up nearly a quarter of all the trash going to U.S. landfills, and most of this was at one point part of a food or beverage item. Learn more about the no-plastic trend emerging in grocery stores internationally in National Geographic’s recent piece, which also details the adoption of plastic packaging and why grocery stores became so dependent on it.

Scoop is located at 151 12th Avenue in Seattle. Remember to BYOC (Bring Your Own Container)!

Amy Barnes