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Freedom in Retirement

Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.
— Emily Dickinson

Open Every Door

What does every retirement have in common?  A new relationship with your money, and new, unopened doors to financial success. Suddenly you are juggling money flow from multiple sources like Social Security and investment incomes.  Healthcare and taxes often replace mortgages and tuition as your biggest expense headaches.  As the years wear on, long term care and estate taxes can threaten the best laid plans for a family or philanthropic legacy.

Firebrand Wealth can craft the right income strategy for pursuing your lifestyle and your legacy goals, while minimizing taxes and simplifying your new financial world.  Perhaps most importantly, we work closely with you to ensure your family and loved ones are able to manage your estate and guard your legacy with as much support as possible.

  • Social Security strategies

  • Income management

  • Required Minimum Distribution management

  • Tax planning for different income stages

  • Estate and trust planning

  • Long-term care analysis and planning

  • Partnerships with local senior care experts