Financial Planning & Investment Management

We are here to synchronize every aspect of your financial life and to ensure it’s all working in harmony to achieve your goals.

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Investment Management

  • Socially Responsible and Impact Investing

  • Tax loss/gains strategies

  • Low cost funds

  • Concentrated stock management

  • Retirement income strategies

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Estate Planning

  • Review of wills and trusts

  • Partnerships with estate attorneys

  • Estate tax analysis and planning

  • Charitable giving

  • Business successions

  • Family meetings

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Stock Options and RSUs

  • Exercise and sale strategies

  • Tax planning with experienced CPAs

  • Coordination of your stock with other investments

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Tax Planning

  • CPA partnerships

  • Short and long-term tax planning

  • Portfolio tax management

  • Tax stage planning in retirement

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Education Planning

  • Tuition needs assessment

  • Savings plans research and recommendations

  • Investment guidance

  • Gifting strategies